Monday, March 25, 2013

25 montessori and fine motor ideas

My Twins really enjoy fun Montessori inspired learning!

Here are some links and previews of many wonderful Montessori inspired activities my twins have participated in!! Montessori can be an amazing way to keep your child busy, teach your child, help your child learn better and easier, help a child with special needs or academic issues to learn, to calm your child, to calm you as a parent, to really help your child to understand many academic and practical life skills, and for occupational therapy.

If you want to learn more about Montessori, go to Living Montessori Now

Be sure to click the descriptive text above each photo to go directly to the post in which it is featured from!


Counting with plastic ice cubes on the mirror table

Spooning marbles into empty water bottles on trays and marble games

Assembling letters with a letter construction set on the floor tray

Fine motor with transparent counters and tubes left over from hexbug nano's

Several backyard Montessori inspired acvitities

Tactile discovery box activities

Transferring feathers and pom poms with clothespins

A Montessori inspired playdate

corn kernal transfer with a scoop

Several more Montessori inspired backyard activities

Water bead transfer

a few Montessori inspired activities

More Montessori inspired outdoor activities

Montessori and Reggio inspired easy DIY ramp

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