Friday, March 21, 2014

Collaborative Pinterest Boards

These 100+ Pinterest boards are open to more collaborators. 

(in random order)

Would you like to be a collaborator on any of my Collaborative Pinterest Boards?  

Would you like to be a part of any of these boards just to compliment your Pinterest content and other boards, but not necessarily pin to them?  

How to become a collaborative Pinner on one or more of these boards.

  • You must Follow Epic Childhood on Pinterest
  • Email me to let me know you have followed me, to provide me with your Pinterest Email(so that it is easier to add you to the boards), and your Pinterest URL and what boards you want to be added to.
  • Absolutely no spammers, sales, pyramid company posts, soliciting, etc.
  • Links within your posts to items in your etsy store are acceptable.
  • You may pin your own pins or others pins!
  • Absolutely no posts that try to persuade on religious or political views.
  • No bullying or race bullying
  • No anti gay/lesbian posts
  • No bashing of special needs children or adults
  • Stick to the themes of the boards
  • No alcoholic beverage/food posts
  • Do not re-pin the same pin to the same board repeatedly. Give it 6 months before you re-pin or remove the pin and repin it to the board.
  • Breaking rules will result in removal from boards you violate the rules in, and most likely will also result in me blocking you from my Pinterest account.
NOTE: board names/links have changed and I am in the midst of updating this list.
  1. Awesome Summer Fun 101
  2. Family Beach Fun 101
  3. Light Tables, Light Boxes, Light Panels, and Light Play
  4. Preschool play, crafts, and learning
  5. Reggio, Montessori, Waldorf, and Play Based Learning
  6. 0-5 Play, learning. and therapy ideas
  7. Reggio and Montessori 0-3 activities
  8. Montessori Inspired
  9. Scented Sensory Play 101
  10. Homeschool 101 (for teachers and homeschoolers)
  11. Home Preschool 101 (for teachers and homeschoolers)
  12. Outdoor learning
  13. Silly Putty and Slime
  14. Magna Tiles
  15. Fine Motor
  16. 5-9 play and learn ideas
  17. Reggio inspired block play
  18. Reggio and Inspired Play Spaces
  19. Epic Dollar Tree Ideas
  20. Epic Playdate Ideas
  21. Crafts for children
  22. Music Education for Children
  23. Multiples Blog Directory
  24. Sensory Bins/Bags/Bottles
  25. Super Mom 101 (really great posts that kind of make you a super mom) *lol*
  26. Kids Art and Art lessons
  27. Autism,  ASD,  Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, SPD, PDD-NOS 
  28. Creative Writing Images
  29. Choo choo wagon love (choo choo wagons by step2)
  30. Gardening tips and tricks
  31. Mommy Time Out! (peaceful and positive parenting solutions)
  32. Positive Parenting 101 (for child therapists only)
  33. Hints from Helouise (household tips and tricks)
  34. Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos
  35. Thanksgiving*Autumn*Fall
  36. Christmas*Winter*New Years
  37. Valentines Day*St Patricks Day*Easter*Spring
  38. Cinco De Mayo*4th of July*Summer
  39. Re-Pin me (kids activities pin swap)
  40. The Kosher Tot (board I created for my Jewish friends)
  41. Favorites from Constructive playthings / U.S. Toy
  42. Favorites from Lakeshore
  43. Favorites from Oriental Trading
  44. Squirrels
  45. Llama's and Alpaca's
  46. Bridges
  47. Safari
  48. Wolves
  49. Totally Kid Friendly Food
  50. Pizza love
  51. Nachos Love
  52. Cupcake Love
  53. Trail Mix Ideas
  54. Soup
  55. Popsicles
  56. Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes
  57. Delicious Recipes
  58. Crock Pot / Slow Cooker Recipes
  59. Smoothie, shake, and slushie recipes
  60. Bento box lunch ideas for kids
  61. Bread Machine/Maker Recipes
  62. Restaurant CopyCat Recipes
  63. Pumpkins (pictures of pumpkins, decorations, recipes, crafts, learning)
  64. Apples (pictures of apples, decorations, recipes, crafts, learning)
  65. Everything Lemon (pictures of lemons, decorations, recipes, crafts, learning)
  66. Grill it (grilled food recipes and tips)
  67. Mushroom Du Jour (mushroom featuring dishes and recipes
  68. Cajun and Creole Recipes
  69. Fruit Cakes (cakes made only of fruit)
  70. Keeping Kids Healthy
  71. You Tube School (educational videos)
  72. Epic Play and Learn Ideas
  73. Cursive Handwriting
  74. OT, PT, and Speech Therapy Ideas
  75. DIY paints, puttys, slimes, and more
  76. The best teachers pay teachers pages
  77. Kids Educational Apps
  78. Great kid spots in Orlando FL (and surrounding cities)
  79. Educational, Kids, and Family Collaborative
  80. Alphabet Printables
  81. Numbers and Math
  82. Playful Sight Words
  83. Letter A
  84. Letter B
  85. Letter C
  86. Letter D
  87. Letter E
  88. Letter F
  89. Letter G
  90. Letter H
  91. Letter I
  92. Letter J
  93. Letter K
  94. Letter L
  95. Letter M
  96. Letter N
  97. Letter O
  98. Letter P
  99. Letter Q
  100. Letter R
  101. Letter S
  102. Letter T
  103. Letter U
  104. Letter V
  105. Letter W
  106. Letter X
  107. Letter Y
  108. Letter Z
  109. Pokemon Learning (Pokemon themed learning)
  110. Scooby Doo Learning (Scooby Doo themed learning)
  111. Suncatcher Ideas
  112. Homeschool Rooms
  113. Alphabet Printables
  114. YouTube Storytime 
  115. Twin Moms on Pinterest (moms of twins, triplets, quads+)
  116. Light Table Literacy
  117. Light Table Math
  118. Light Table Science, Geography, and Social Studies
  119. Light Table Art and Crafts
  120. Light Table Fine Motor
  121. Light Table Winter Theme
  122. Light Table Spring Theme
  123. Light Table Summer Theme
  124. Light Table Fall Theme
  125. Light Table Montessori Inspired
  126. Light Table Tactile, Sensory, and Messy Play
  127. Light Table Sensory Bins, Bottles, and Bags
  128. Light Table Collages and Mandala's
  129. Light Table Writing and Pre-Writing
  130. Light Table Infant Play
  131. Light Table Small World Play
  132. Light Table Exploration and Creativity
  133. Light Table Matching, Sorting, Patterning, and Stacking
  134. Light Table Block Play (and building)
  135. Light Table and Nature
  136. Light Table Colors and Shapes
  137. Light Table Environments, Provocations, and Invitations
  138. Natural Light Play
  139. Glow in the Dark and Black Light Play
  140. Mirror Play
  141. Overhead Projector Play and Learning
  142. Visually Impaired and Light Table Play
  143. DIY Light Tables
  144. DIY Light Table Toys and Accessories
  145. Light Table and Reggio Inspired Compilations and Guides
  146. Reggio Inspired (play and learning) 

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  1. Just "wow", Kristen! Off to email you now...

  2. That's awesome! So many fun boards :) I know I'm already a contributor on some, but wanted to visit your blog site. Beautiful lay out & very colourful, Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

    1. Thank you Rachael! Let me know if you want to join more of the boards!!

  3. Wow! You got it going on with Pinterest! I saw your post on the Facebook KBN page. I'd love to join your board: Preschool Play, Crafts, and Learning. I'm already a follower. And you can find me at Thanks! Jennifer

  4. Thank you, I'm following!

    1. MrsAshley which boards do you want to be added to?

    2. MrsAshley which boards do you want to be added to?

  5. I emailed you. Thank you!

    : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

    1. which email did you send it to? The one linked in this post or another one of mine? I do not see an email. Right now Ihave no access to my emails.

  6. I emailed you. Thank you!

    : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

  7. Would love to join the groups Supermom 101, Mommy Time Out and Delicious Recipes my email is Thanks so much :)

  8. Following and emailing you now. Thanks!

  9. I'm a KBN member. I'd love to join!

  10. Thanks for opening up your boards Kristen. I'd love to be added to the following boards -

    Preschool Play, Crafts, and Learning
    Homeschool 101
    Home Preschool 101
    KBN Twin Moms

    My email is

  11. Kristen, I would love to be added to the boards of 33 and 34. What is your email? I tried your link but it didn't work. Thanks.

  12. My pinterest link is

    My email is

    Boards I love to be added to:
    Homeschool 101 (for teachers and homeschoolers)
    Christmas*Winter*New Years
    Valentines Day*St Patricks Day*Easter*Spring
    Cinco De Mayo*4th of July*Summer
    The best teachers pay teachers pages

    Thank you!

  13. Useful information shared. I am very happy to read this article. Thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk through. I appreciate this post.
    collaboration boards


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