Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Artsy Fun Learning

Just a few fun things Graham and Parker have done lately!

Counting with dollar tree/ target dollar bin plastic reusable ice cubes

Spooning marbles into empty water bottles, and then they made up fun marble games too!
They made up a game where they make the marbles go across the tray, and then try to trap one with the bottle while the marbles are moving all over the tray!

Building letters! You can get them HERE!

I made them a jellyfish decoration out of iridescent beading cord, iridescent (cardstock) scrapbook paper, a bowl from the dollar tree, tape, and hot glue gun!  I folded the paper in half and cut it into double sided shapes. It's kind of it's own species of jellyfish. I am calling it the rainbow jellyfish. Then poked a hole into the top center. Then I put the cord through and knotted it underneath. I taped the cord and then taped the shapes closed from the inside. Then I hot glued the other end of the cord to the bowl., which by the way came off the spool curly (bonus!!) The cord was from the section at Michaels where they keep the kids beading materials. Like for friendship bracelets.  The bowl was from a 4 pack, or 6 pack at the dollar tree... (can not remember.) We use these bowls for a lot of things with our learning activities. I had an extra though so, I decided to make them a jellyfish with it!  I think this is a craft you can do with a child ages 3-5 or older. I just wanted to make them something, It was not a pain to make but it would be slightly difficult for a child to do the hot gluing to the bowl part. I glued on the decorative pattern seams on the bowl.

Playing with their fiber optic color changing light. You can get it HERE!

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