Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Water beads joy

My twins had a great time using water beads on the DIY light box I made for them recently! I'd like to give another special thanks to Kara of Kara's classroom for the wonderfully useful post she made about her DIY light box. I never would have made one if it were not for her.  We love our light tables from constructive playthings and use them for so many things daily, however messy play is really challenging and stressful on them. The DIY light box I made makes messy light box/table play very simple and stress free!! There is no way to ruin it and it has a nice side around the edge of the lid so that nothing falls off or spills.

If you have not already done so, please check out these two awesome posts on this blog!
In the middle section of the photos below, there are pics of color changes that occurred when we placed water beads over translucent color circles. They did a lot of transferring them from container to container.

They always love how silky and smooth water beads feel. They love sliding their hands across them and bouncing them too!! Water beads are always so much fun to play with!

Graham and Parker were very impressed that the blue water beads mocked a chameleon when placed on top of translucent color circles! too cool!

In came the comic book muscle guy and car.....

look a speck of glitter!

Parker played with the water beads for an additional 10 minutes longer than Graham..


  1. Love this! Incorporating the water beads on the light table, adding the color circles (and the comic book muscle guy), how fun! If you would like, we'd love for you to link up on our water bead page: http://fitkidsclub.blogspot.com/p/clubhouse-adventures-in-water-beads.html
    We know you have before, we always love your water bead posts! :)

  2. What an awesome idea ... I love the color changes and transferring activities! You're always such an inspiration with your light box activities! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned it to my Light Box Ideas and Activities Board at http://pinterest.com/debchitwood/light-box-ideas-and-activities/

  3. @Liz, thank you so much! I am very happy to be in your link up!!

    @Deb, thank you so much. It means a lot for you to say that!! I really appreciate it!

    I really appreciate both of your comments!! Thank you!!!


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