Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Movable pattern and shadow light boxes

I saw a photo in the book Making the most of light and mirrors that inspired me to make these movable pattern and shadow color light boxes. I used vinyl wireframe boxes from the dollar tree, scotch tape, LED finger lights, and translucent light table manipulatives to make them.

The concept is to give the child a movable light box to create color and shadows on the wall in a dark or mostly dark room. I decided to also add in shapes and more color. It's like a light table or light box but the child can get creative with it in a mobile fashion, and the things that would go on the light table are inside, You can create these boxes and then change them out endlessly. All white LED lights, multiple color LED lights, all blue LED lights, etc etc.  You can use any small transparent colored light table/overhead projector manipulatives like coins, bears, shapes, gems, cocktail party stirrers, cocktail animals, etc. So many possibilities!

PLEASE excuse the blurred pictures, my camera is giving me a hard time this week with low light or in the dark photos.  I hope to get it readjusted later this week when I get time.

The pictures are not perfect but you can get the idea of what the boxes do.

Basically to make these you use scotch tape and tape translucent objects to the bottom and sides of one box. Then you tape LED finger lights in different directions into a 2nd box of the same color. Last, you tape the two boxes together to make one box. Only use a small amount of scotch tape to tape it at the corners, that way you can access the inside of the box later to change out your translucent objetcs, turn off the lights, or change the lights.  

Give the boxes to your child and turn off the lights, let your child move the box around in different ways on the walls, ceiling, and floors...  so much fun and lots to talk about too!!

"Wow look how pretty that looks!"
"Oooh it is shaped like a giraffe!"
"Wow it looks so cool!"

Have fun!!

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  1. This is a fun idea and creates a sense of whimsy. Please link this to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3.

    : 0 ) Theresa


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