Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adventures with toys

Here are some highlights of fun things that Graham and Parker have been doing this week.

Translucent bracelets, plastic gems, and a pretty piece of plastic
that came off the end of a dollar tree water baton

My twins said it was a beautiful Octopus

I converted my twins step 2 car and canyon table into a discovery/sensory table

Inside the table is sand, sea shells, river rocks, small wood pieces from Lakeshore Learning, submersible LED lights
Plastic trees, animals, and some little cars, Oh! and a cave from the Fish Aquarium store.

Parker, filling a shell with sand

I changed our mirror play center and made it even more awesome!!
This is what it looked like when I first set it all up. click here.

I moved most all of our wooden blocks to this shelf, and moved the shelf from the other side of the room

Graham and Parker decided to revisit magna tiles on the overhead projector!

They love playing with light!!
See more colorful overhead projector fun here and here

Scented water play, ice, and shaving cream.........
Playing with colored ice shapes

Playing with a big ice shape made from a fancy cake pan

The ice floats in the water that is inside of the glass jar, and sticks to the large ice shape!

I changed our water play area around just a little

Lots of fun water play components 

Additions of shells, gems, and pine cones. They were moved from the sand play area

you can see the waterways pipe builders toy from Lakeshore in the center of the two white shelf tables

They still love this a year later!

The sand box was moved closer, see it in the far right corner

Inside view

close up inside view of shells, glass gems, and pine cones

I put one of the water tubs up high on a table this time, I added cinnamon extract and mint extract to the various water play vessels around out water play area!!  IN the past we have used mint, peppermint, orange, cherry, lemon, vanilla and a few others that I buy at wal mart

shaving cream and food coloring, an old favorite


the waterways piple builders from Lakeshore Learning

water tub, up high

pure joy!

so pretty and filled with water and food coloring

more pretty water play items

playing with shaving cream

Shaking water from a salt shaker

Filling up a big water bottle from a water cooler with a carafe filled with water and food coloring

checking out the inside of the big water bottle

squirting water into the big bottle with a container I recycled that lemon juice came in

great aim, Graham!!

This boy loves shaving cream!

Using a face wash pump bottle I recycled to put colored water into the table of shaving cream

looks so fun!

adding food coloring

Graham said this was a red and white rainbow

awesome color mixing, so pretty!

scooping, funneling, and pouring water

a little man in the funnel, makes the water move slower  ;)

he painted himself  ;)

paint in a condiment bottle

When in Rome.........
After 15 years of not painting, I decided to paint on Graham and Parker's easel with their big toddler
brushes and tempera paint....  amusing results below....

While I am adding to my painting, Graham is painting on the next panel

A weasel was added....  haha

close up of my goofy weasel

another tree

My silly finished product  HAHA!!



  1. That looks like SO much FUN!! My question is, how long does it take you to clean up??

    1. D. Smith, never more than 5 minutes. My twins don't make giant messes and they help clean up. Clean up is not an issue here.
      See this post

      Since that post, they have everything out in the open now and dont get out of control.

    2. also for outdoors, the hose cleans everythng up and it only takes about 5-10 minutes,

  2. So many great activities here, Kristen! Lucky kids! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  3. I love your water play area! I have great plans for next summer now!


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