Sunday, September 2, 2012

Light, Science, Water, Magic Wands

Just some new stuff Graham and Parker have been playing with and some changes to their indoor play space. 

Playing on the light table and the light box with Interlox

NEW mirror play center I made today!! (unbreakable mirrors)

I made the toy story table into a mirror play center

***Be sure to check out Light Tables 101***

Outdoor science and water play, just typical play for them but with a few new containers from the dollar tree and recycled containers that we had as well. 

Seashells, rocks, pine cones, and glass gems

Some little play figurines all set up ;)

buildings, includes the Eiffel tower!!



I altered some of the magic wands I made a while back and made some new ones too! Made from sticks, glass gems, and hot glue gun. Now if they could only grant me wishes.  ha!

Find the toys featured in this blog HERE!


  1. Holy cow! Your backyard play area is awesome! I think you should host a "have my blog readers' kids over to play in the yard" day. What? You don't think hosting hundreds of kids would be fun? Well, you can't blame a gal for trying! :-) Love the mirror set up also. I have mirrors to go on all sides of our light box, but have never had my daughter use a mirror as a play surface.

  2. I've been thinking about your mirror area when I go to Target and see the $5 door mirrors...but I'm too much of a cheapskate to spend $20 on four mirrors (I just need to get over it). Love your blog!

  3. Me again...I just wrote a blog post about wishing I was you! :)

  4. @Maureen, HAHA that would be a really huge playdate! We used to have a lot of large playdates in our backyard but it started to really annoy my twins. They seem to really prefer one on one playdates now at age 4. They seem to have their own opinions in a big way now! haha!

    @Pricklymom, Thanks so much, you are super sweet!!!!

  5. Hi, what wonderful places for your children to learn & grow!
    Where did u get the unbreakable mirrors and how much were they?


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