Sunday, September 2, 2012

Couches out, Beds in

I decided to stop trying to pretend that the couches and tv center needed to be in the living room, which over the past few years has become Graham and Parker's indoor play space.  So we moved them. With the help of a friend, we converted the dining room into the living room/computer area. The living room is now Graham and Parker's bedroom/indoor play space. Now my older son has his own room, My two older girls share a room, and Graham and Parker share the former living room as their room.  We did not need a huge living room and actually everyone likes the dining room as the living room now. We had taken the dining room table out a long time ago and use the kitchen table for eating. So now it is all worked out nicely. The rooms are separated by a half wall, we enclosed the rest with a large room divider that was passed down to use from Grandparents.  Just in case you wondered, we use everything, all the time and have other preschool friends over to play and learn as well. We also use both the light table and light box areas daily as well. They serve different purposes for light play. We have a lot of what I like to call smart toys. They are open ended toys that foster creative, imaginative play.

You can see many of them here. Feel free to ask toy questions, it's my specialty!

I used their Thomas the train play table to create a new Mirror play center.
The mirrors are the unbreakable ones from discount school supply.

7 mirrors around the light table, the large one in the middle was mine since age 10. 

Book nook complete with tons of books, pretty lighting, teddy bears, puppets,  fluffy pillows, a sitting bench covered in a fuzzy, fluffy over sized blanket, and a really soft and velvety rug

There are 2 of these in their room

overview angle 1 *beds too*

overview angle 2

car table, car and ball ramp boards, magnet center, some toys, big cardboard blocks, 

closer view of magnet center and overhead projector, games on the black shelving, as well as some supplies. 

toy kitchen "nook",  art center, and the light box

Toy shelving 

another view

Our Waldorf playstand, mirror play center, and clear easel

another view, sorry it is fuzzy

magnet center

light on in the Waldorf Playstand

another view of the mirror play center, interlox on it currently

closer light table view, the hanging pouch has the small light table manipulatives in it.

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  1. HOW NEAT!! I am beyond jealous!! You rock mom!! Thanks for sharing!!


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