Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Amazing Eebee

A while back, I was browsing Netflix after the kids went to bed to add movies to our instant queue. I discovered something called Eebee's Adventures. I decided to preview it on my computer, and was delightfully surprised when I discovered that Eebee's adventures showed babies and toddlers playing in the style that is similar to how we play! I ended up skimming through all five of the Eebee's movies eventually. I really liked some of the materials they used in the videos.  I told a close friend who has a three year old daughter with Autism about Eebee's Adventures and in almost an instant her daughter became a fan! Eebee is really inspiring!!

The thing you need to know about Eebee's Adventures is that it is not just inspiring edutainment for children in the 0-4 age range. It's also for Moms and Dads as a learning experience or a "go to" guide for awesome play ideas. Babies and Toddlers are naturally attracted to the videos and the Eebee character. If you really see Eebee's Adventures for what it really is, it could change your life and your children's lives in such a positive way. Children learn by exploring, playing, doing, and trying.  The key is to take these concepts out of Eebee's Adventures and putting them into motion in your own home. By getting the simple but powerful materials used in Eebee's Adventures, or inexpensive alternatives you can give your child a whole new way of playing. Children need play, it is how they learn. Memorizing flash cards is not learning, it is memorizing. The real learning is all in the play.

Many of the awesome water, sand, and sensory playtime materials you can collect are all found at the dollar tree! Funnels, scoops, ice cream scoops, strainers, spatulas, measuring cups, turkey basters, clear and translucent colored plastic bowls, cups, and containers, pool noodles, plastic vases, etc.

Eeebee inspired play is a really great way to play if you happen to have a 0-4 year old that is a bit high strung, seemingly overstimulated regularly, grouchy, whiny, hard to please, or bored. If you change the way you play, you might find your child change their demeanor and become a very calm and creative child! This type of play fits any child, even special needs children. IN fact, it can be very intriguing and inspiring for special needs children!

Check out The Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori Education, and Waldorf Education

One thing that I really noticed about Eebee's Adventures is that the videos seem to be founded on play based learning, The Reggio Emilia approach, and Montessori Education.  I checked out their website and it turns out that there is a lot of Reggio Emilia influence. They give you really great background information about the creators and advisers right on the website. It's impressive to read!

Some of our water play, bath time play, as well as indoor and outdoor play are inspired by these five movies. They have really great ideas There are so many activities in the Eebee's Adventures videos that can even be adapted to fit the interests of a 4-6 year old, or older possibly. Just be creative and think outside the box!!,.

The next few photos show my Eebee inspired creation I like to call "2 in 1 car and ball ramp". I made the 2 in 1 car and ball ramp for my twins and they love it!! I picked up some wood from Lowe's, some spray paint, a piece of trim cut into small pieces and got out my trusty hot glue gun.... a few hours later after all of the paint dried.... magic happened!

See the posts I made about the 2 in 1 car and ball ramp here in

It is worth if for you to watch Eebee's Adventures to get amazing play ideas for 0-4 year olds, even if your child is already 4 and does not have much interest in watching the show themselves.

You can purchase Eebee DVD's and Toys here Look for a special savings code below!

You can view Eebee on Netflix and on Demand
Eebee's Adventure: water play
Eebee's Adventure: music and sounds
Eebee'sAdventure: figuring things out
Eebee's Adventure: exploring real stuff
Eebee's Adventure: all in a days play

"Like" Eebee's Adventures on Face Book here!

Check out the Eebee's website, you will find lots of information about the company, their philosphy, and lists of ideas for parents to take play to a whole new level with their little ones.

I was really impressed by all of the heartwarming photos that the Eebee fans posted on the Eebee's adventures Face Book. With permission of the creators, here are a few that really warmed my heart.

This precious little toddler is a huge Eebee fan. She had to have surgery to correct a birth defect and the Mom had her casts done in the same color as Eebee's limbs. How sweet is that.  So touching!!

Shadow play from Eebee's Adventures

This little sweetie is checking back to the Eebee show for inspiration while she plays Eebee style!

I am loving this cutie with his Eebee inspired playtime! Look at how much fun he is having with all of that crinkly tissue paper. This is such a great activity for children and could be altered for a child that is 4-6 years old too

Here is another awesome Eebee inspired playtime. This little guy has a lot of great things there to explore!

Check out some examples of Eebee's Adventure videos here!

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  1. We love Eebee!!! What a great post, thank you!

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