Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wood is Good (Part 2)

As promised, here is part two of Wood is Good! If you have not seen the first Wood is Good post, please click here to view it! I added speed bumps to one side of each ball/car ramp!! I headed back to Lowes and looked around for something to create speed bumps or "bumpity bumps" as my Twins call them! haha! I finally found something I thought would work, and it did!! It worked out perfectly! The speed bumps are made with a piece of trim from Lowes. I would have to g back to lowes to see what kind it was but the trim is flat on the bottom and rounded on top. It was a REALLY long piece, I would say 7 feet long. I asked the wood cutting guys at Lowes to cut it into a bunch of pieces for me, but they said their machine would shred it. Then they suggested I purchase a hand saw and cut it myself. However I hurt my arm 4 months ago and it is still not fully healed. I am unable to cut them myself. So a different guy working at LOwes offered to cut it for me there. He said it would not look pretty and perfect, but I did not care just as long as they were cut and looked half decent. The piece cost me under $3, Then I painted them at home and attached them with my trusty hot glue gun. I spaced them a hand space apart from one another and a by hand space, I mean i placed my hand on the board with my pinky at the edge of one speed bump and where ever my thumb was on the other end was where the next speed bump was placed. So basically I winged it. Sometimes winging it works, in this case it did! So, with the addition of the speed bumps on one side of each ramp, this officially makes them 2 in 1 ball and car ramps!! One side is a flat smooth surface and can be set up in several ways, the other side is a bumpy. speed bump surface and can also be set up in several ways!

Be sure to check out the videos and photos!

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  1. This is awesome. Just what I have been looking for, for my class of preschool boys. What are the pegs made from? Did you buy them seperately or already have them?


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