Friday, March 16, 2012

everything must glow

Tonight we had some glow in the dark fun with led lights, balloons, plastic eggs, black light, sensory bottles, other random glow in the dark toys, and some sing a long kids songs!  ;)

Graham and Parker had a friend over tonight to play in the dark with them too!  There 3 year old friend Garland, happens to have autism so we thought that it would be a really cool sensory experience for her too. We are pleased to say that everything was a hit with her as well!   A great time was had by all!  You can get the LED finger lights in a pack of 40 HERE!

* Update Note that the black light photos are not too bright, this is due to only having one large and one small black light at the time. IN present day we have several more and the black light play is much better! For more awesome black light play see our Glow in the dark play board on Pinterest!! You can go there by clicking HERE! *

LED lights in hands and in balloons

dancing in the dark

wooo look at the led light trails



checking them out

more eggs

pretty, and the larger eggs had multi color changing lights in them

pointing them up to see the ceiling



Parker, playing with some sort of spinny light thing

highlighter infused clear water beads inside the balloons


  1. Where do you get the led lights for the eggs? What do they look like specifically so I can try to hunt them down. Very cool!

  2. I'd like to know too please. Ditto to TeacherTurnedMama.

  3. Here are the lights

    1. Thank you! Such a fantastic idea. Appreciate you sharing. :)

  4. With all you glow in the dark fun, this is a series your family might enjoy:

  5. You are having so much fun with black light and dark. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having a great week!

  6. This is so much fun! Thanks for sharing at the Kid's Co-op.

  7. what neat activities! Fun! Thanks for sharing at BTT!!

  8. What great ideas ... LOVE the LED lights in Easter eggs for this time of year! I pinned your post to the collaborative Easter board at

  9. I did the same thing last week. Check out my blog!


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