Monday, March 19, 2012

Trampo-swing, Tarzan swing & backyard play environment

I decided to turn an older mini trampoline we had that was not in use into a swing!! It works and it is a hit!!!  Graham and Parker LOVE swinging on it.  You can sit up, lay on your back, or lay on your stomach. It seems to be so relaxing to them! I also turned our other baby swing into a Tarzan rope swing.  Both the little kids and the big kids LOVE it!!! I also changed around the backyard play area with the help of a friend. The covers on the canopies need replaced but that will come in the near future. They are very weathered and have lasted since 2009, and through many days with hurricanes or very high winds. I think we might bleach the foam mats. I also have another idea for the foam mats....  all to come in the near future.  It is hard to keep grass growing nicely out there.

relaxed on the trampo-swing

lots of fun

you can sit or lay down on it

taking a ride on his belly and checking out the view

loving it

I love it!!!

just chilling out as he swings, you can see the Tarzan swing in this pic

foil, translucent circles, and foil leaves = awesome!!

I thnk I might lay the foil differently next time but it is still awesome



  1. Love the tramp swing idea...very creative and i bet lots of fun!!

  2. That trampo-swing rocks!! LOVE! We've got the tramp and the rope... but we need the tree! Bummer :(

  3. Thank you!!!

    hope you can make one eventually!

  4. I love the trampoline swing idea. Now I can dig mine out from under all of the storage boxes, and make it usable once more. Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing this idea at the Kid's Co-op!

  5. Creative idea! Thanks for sharing with Look What We Did.

  6. I'm featuring your trampoline swing at the Kid's Co-op this week! This is a very cool idea for re-using an old trampoline.

  7. What a great idea! Looks like they had a lot of fun! Thanks for linking up with BTT!

  8. What did you use to hang this trampoline? My girls would LOVE it!!! How much weight do you think it will hold?

  9. You are always in control of how high you jump and just how much energy you use on a trampoline. Also there is a great benefit of this trampoline rather than a complete size trampoline mainly because it can be utilized just about anywhere you want.


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