Friday, January 11, 2013

tactile discovery box & glow spinners

This is a tactile discovery box from discount school supply. It comes with wooden letters, numbers, and shapes, but we tried it with random objects too! They loved this activity!

I had my own control set and would hold up an item for them to locate inside the box. 

The box has two sides. The tops slide open and close for the parent or teacher to add and remove items. Inside the box I placed a feather, a lauri peg, a bracelet, a teddy bear counter, a domino, a plastic diamond, a sea shell shaped glass gem, and a base ten counter.

Be sure to link up and check out the Weekly Kids Co-Op below all the pics!

In these photos they are playing with and watching spinning tops that project pattern and light on to the table while spinning. They were from the dollar tree. They were enjoying blowing on the spinning tops to make them go faster!! They loved this!!

Recently I changed around some of the playroom lighting recently and realized I had never done a post to show the lighting.

Check out all of our playroom lighting at night by clicking HERE


  1. Love it love it!!!! Those boys have such rich experiences! I love the photos with your hand in the foreground. I can just hear, "Hold that, wait, wait OK!"

  2. Aw man, cool glow spinners! I must find those next time I hit the dollar store. I'm there almost everyday, hahaha... LOVE that place!

  3. Hi I'm Lily. I think your blog is very professional and it looks great. I love it!!!
    heres a link to my blog

  4. This is awesome, Kristen! You always have such amazing activities ... and I love your playroom lighting at night! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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