Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reggio Fridays - Playroom Lighting at Night

Welcome to Reggio Fridays!

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This week I wanted to show our playroom lighting. We have been collecting a lot of really fantastic lights over the past few years. You can see many of them in these pics. I don't have all of the little LED lights on in the photos, but the "Christmas light" types are on in the photos.

This first photo is to show the lighting I added to our new shelving from Target. These were part of Christmas. I noticed that in the evening it was hard to see everything on the shelves really nicely, even though we have floor lamps in the room. So I added to sets of lights from our Christmas tree. These are the same lights that are in our Waldorf Playstand. I am very happy with the results, it has really helped to light up the shelving, exactly the way I was hoping.

These next few photos are with the floor lamps turned off.  I do not have all of the small LED lights on in the photos, but I will show a photo at the end with them on.

This set of photos shows close-ups of the lights All of the small battery operated LED lights are slow color changing lights. They continuously cycle through all of the colors at a nice slow pace. The Owl lights, Skeleton lights, and Ghost lights were from Halloween, we got them at Target. Graham and Parker asked me not to remove them once Halloween was over. I did not remove them but I did change where they are hung up in the room when the room was re-designed after Christmas. They are also slow color changing lights.  The multicolor ball lights are not color change lights.  The star lights are also not color change lights.  We do not have all of the small lights and specialty going at once, its always just one or two here and there. The room is very calming and relaxing. The specialty lights (disco light, plasma ball, planet light) only get turned on when there are not too many others on, so as not to become obnoxious or chaotic.

These lights were on sale at Walgreens over Christmas. They are slow color changing battery operated glitter snow globe LED lights. They look like a big Christmas bulb from a strand of Christmas lights up close and make amazing patterns on the shelf! They are mainly used as a night light or an addition to quiet low light, evening play.

See how the lights create sort of an aurora borealis effect on the wall....   ;)
The ghost lights are on a different shelf now. The fiber optic light is there now.

planet light, we have had this in the family since the mid 2000's. It was from IKEA.

jellyfish light

plasma ball

Showing you some of the color and pattern effects from the Christmas bulb lights.....

This is our fiber optic light, seen in pics in the beginning of this post. This shows some of the colors it rotates through.

The star lights on the mirror table. I made the mirror table several months ago. I plan to post about that soon.

Close up of the owl lights

Ghost lights close up. Graham's lights

skeleton lights close up, Parker's lights.

another close up of the owl lights.

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  1. You're play room is seriously so awesome. I hope one of these days we have a house with a playroom!


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