Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hearts and Art

A few days ago, Graham wanted to watch a leapfrog movie on netflix about numbers. Parker wanted to play, so I set up a fun little craft.  This was a great opportunity to give Parker more practice with the hot glue gun.  I glued on all the googly eyes, he glued the foam hearts to the craft sticks and made the faces,  I did make the lips on the red heart though, but not the nose.

Happy heart stick puppets  ;)

For each happy heart you need:
2 foam hearts
glue or a hot glue gun
a large/wide craft stick
2 googly eyes
markers to draw on mouth and nose

This is very easy and fun, he loved it!!  He was very proud of his happy hearts!

Parker is 4 1.2 but still writes in a pre-writing manner most of the time.  He will write normal English letters and words but unless prompted, he will write in the way you see in the last few  pics below. I always say he writes in Sanskrit.  Most of the time his writing resembles his own little version of Sanskrit. What he wrote on the back of each heart was the hearts name, he said.  Oh and you may have noticed he did one apple.   So we have happy heart stick puppets and a happy apple stick puppet! Just glue one heart on each side of an end of the stick, then glue the hearts together. Then you can glue on the eyes, plus draw on the nose and mouth!


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  1. Those are really cute. We have heart foam stickers. We will need to give that a try. Thank you!


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