Friday, October 26, 2012

Oooey Gooey Slimy SLIME

playing with slime

We make a lot of fun slime concoctions from the Dunecraft science kit with slippery spheres, gobbledy goop, silly squares, and jellystones.  Everyone that comes over to play just loves our slime concoctions. We make the gooiest, ooooiest, slimiest, funky slimes ever!!  The gobbledygoop itself makes an awesome non toxic slime. We really love mixing it with jellystones, slipperyspheres,  sillysquares, and shaving cream. The results are totally awesome!

 I am not a fan of slimes made with toxic or potentially dangerous substances like borax. GobbledyGoop has no borax or any other harmful substances in it, which is a huge bonus. I see there are a lot of science experiments that look really fun but they contain borax. Here is an article that talks about why borax is bad, and another one here

Here are a few of the concoctions we have made!  Links and photos! 
By the way, they are awesome for playdates and halloween kids parties!

  • This post will update when new slime concoctions are made!

mega slime with water ballz (giant water beads)

some dunecraft slipperyspheres in test tubes, slipperyspheres are waterbeads.

water beads and water ballz with some of our outdoor science lab stuff

 Our newest slime, marshmallow slime!   
(no marshmallows or sugar are in it)

We made the mega slime concoction, then played with it. Then we added more water and left it sit overnight. When we went to play with it the next day, we added a can of peach scented womens shaving cream from the dollar tree. Then we mixed it up really well and it made THIS!!  

The base recipe for MEGA SLIME is located HERE, after making mega slime just let it sit overnight with added water and then add a can of shaving cream the next day.

Mackenna (12) and Cameron (13) really loved this one!

Here are some other cool ways to use slime..... in a black light reactant sensory bottle. It is not really slime in the bottle but it sure looks gooey and slimy! I used mod podge and really goopy cheap hair gel from wal mart in these sensory bottles.

see the post on how to make it here...  oooey gooey blacklight sensory bottles

Here is another fun one, firefly jars and bloopy gloopy black light paint.  The bloopy gloopy black light paint is made with really goopy hair cheap gel from wal mart. It is definitely a fun slimy sensory experience.

see the post on how to make it here  firefly jars and bloopy gloopy black light paint

This is one of our newest and most unique slime concoctions... GLIME! It is a really fun slime that is not like any other slime. It is funky and gritty. 

Go check out the post to see how to make it , here!

Here is the post from our first awesome slime concoctions! 
See the post on how to make it here  fluffy slime and mega slime

Check out our slimy fun used at a big playdate we had...

Frosty Glow Slime, see it HERE


  1. How did you make this slime? I'm always on the look out for new recipes to add to my matter unit in my first grade class

    1. Becca, check the post again. See if the links are easier to find now for the recipes.

  2. Kristen, this is awesome! But the recipe is not all that obvious on your blog.

    1. Suja, check the post again. See if the links are easier to find now for the recipes.

  3. That tub of slime is HUGE! I don't think I've ever seen that big of a tub. We've done some smaller ones, but I can just imagine the mess if we made one that big!

  4. Wow! This is amazing, Kristen! I love the non-toxic ideas for creating slime. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned your post to my Playdough and Craft Recipes Board at

  5. This really looks like a lot of fun! Although I am having trouble finding the recipes for the slime. :-( I've looked and looked through your links for them and followed the directions at the bottom of this post and I'm still not finding it! Is there anyway you could post a link to that in the comments pretty please? I'd be most appreciative. :-)

  6. I changed the post and put a new link section in the post at the bottom


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