Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Educational, HEADACHE-FREE Toys for Christmas and Hanukkah

Are you dreading all of the noisy gifts that your children get for Christmas or Hanukkah? Do noisy toys drive you nuts? Do you feel that toys that require batteries have less educational value than a toy that is more open ended and imaginative? Then please check out this list!!

I am a mother of five children with sixteen years experience in parenting, My oldest is a sixteen year old girl, my second born child is a 14 year old boy with ASD, ADHD, and severe learning disability, my third born child has mild aspergers syndrome, my fourth and fifth children are 4 year old fraternal twin boys. I have also been the owner/operator for a parenting message board and chat room that ran for 11 years, and have organized 3 local playgroups over the years.  I have been celebrating Christmas as a Mom for 16 years. I know what it is like for your child to receive a slew of cute but VERY NOISY gifts! The toys just don't hold much play value. They become old hat after a while. They look cute and they sound like a great idea, but they really just end up at the bottom of the toybox after a few days or weeks.(if you're lucky) By purchasing open ended, smart, educational toys you will see a world of difference in your child's playtime. In the link you will be able to view amazing toys that will awe and inspire your children. If you do not find everything that you are looking for, the list you are about to click on has over 1000 awesome toys linked to it. If you are looking for something in particular that you do not see on this big list, or have questions on a toy... please feel free to email me

See the list HERE


  1. I so agree with your sentiments! I tell this story from time to time...when our girls were toddlers, maybe 18 months, I went to the toy store a few times, asking for recommendations for age-appropriate toys. I always stated upfront that I shy away from battery-operated toys. I remember once the sales lady told me, "Honey, we have batteries on sale this week." Funny, and kinda sad, too, huh?

    We have a few of the toys on your list already, and we'll be adding a few more this holiday / birthday. Thanks for the great compilation!

  2. I’ve never been this happy to find such an interesting post. Thank you for sharing this! You have such a positive attitude that is really inspiring.


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