Saturday, February 23, 2013

Totally contained super messy glow in the dark play

    These are some fun photos from some recent messy glow in the dark lemon meringue slime, insta snow, and water bead play. There was no mess in the room or on the floor, it went really well! I put Graham and Parker's magnetic floor play tray on their activity table with some random plastic storage container lids on the tray. Then I added the bins of slime, insta snow, and water beads on to the plastic storage container lids. Each storage container lid acted as a mess capturing tray and the magnetic floor play tray caught any access spill over. I also kept a few hand towels and baby wipes around to wipe the hands whenever they wanted. They used measuring spoons, measuring cups, neon shot glasses, & scoops to play with all of the messy stuff. There are various mixtures of glow in the dark insta snow, glow in the dark water beads, and glow in the dark slime all scented with lemon extract. I used tonic water, highlighter infused water, and neon pain to make everything so colorful and glow so well in the black light. I also had a few black light sensory bottles on the table too. I made them up earlier and hot glued the lids on. They had a blast and so did I!! lol  Two of my teenagers got in on the fun after the boys were done and off to the bath tub. Luckily Dad was available to give them a bath. I had the older kids play in shifts. My 13 yr old daughter came in to play with it all after the twins went off to the bath. Then my 14 yr old Cameron played with it all.  Everything smelled amazing! It smelled like a table full of fresh lemon meringue pies!!!  I believe it was the combination of tonic water and lemon extract that made the wonderful lemon meringue pie scent!  I completely forgot to post these photos. I was looking back and realized I had posted a few of them to facebook, but not here!  

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These are the measuring spoons and cups we use. 
You can get the spoons HERE and the cups HERE

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  1. This is the Neon Splash Dash in my home!!!! My boys would love this!


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