Friday, July 26, 2013

Sea Creature Slime and Spaghetti Slime

Check out the two new additions to our slime collection!!

Spaghetti slime(purple container) and Sea Creature slime(green container)

See all of our other awesome slimes HERE!!

To make Sea Creature slime you need insta snow, gobbledy goop, food coloring, coconut extract, large and small sea creatures from the dollar tree.  The small ones have to grow for 1-2 days and the large ones 3-4 days. You can grow them in the slime.  I really never measure out how much I use for slime, just wing it and add water slowly so that you don't over water it.

To make spaghetti slime you need cooked spaghetti and color it with food coloring. Then make your slime with food coloring, lemon extract,  gobbledy goop and jellystones. Just make the slime and as usual, I do not measure anything. I just add water slowly so I don't over water it.

You can get a great kit with gobbledygoop, jellystones, waterbeads, and waterbead squares HERE

You can get insta snow HERE
gobbledy goop HERE
and jellystones HERE

We normally play with this in the water tables out in our backyard play environment but it has been raining every day, almost all day since May.  So this has not been the nicest summer. In fact I have never seen it rain all summer like this before.  I hope the rest of the year and next summer are really nice!!  (and all other seasons for years to come lol)

touching the slime

noticing something is hidden in the slime

pulling out the fiest thing he found in the slime

initial reaction to the large sea creature he found!! (an octopus)

reaction to finding the next large sea creature(a starfish)

found some smaller creatures too! (lobsters, small starfish, crabs, seahorses)

checking out the spaghetti slime

its chunky and has spaghetti in it!!

checking it out

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  1. Wow, so neat! They must have had so much fun! I would love to have you guys stop by and leave a pin or even the post for this at my Wednesday Sensory Play Party!


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