Friday, July 26, 2013

black light water bead and black light water play

This is really fun and simple play!! Great sensory play too!  I start with making several containers of highlighter infused water.  The recipe on how to make highlighter infused water is HERE. I used pink, blue, yellow, orange, and green highlighters. Some I had more than one color of, so I mixed colors too.  I used the fish bowls from our ping pong fish bowl toss game. You can see that HERE. The fish bowls are just some cute little bowls from the dollar tree. I only have six of them so I used a washed, wide mouth pasta sauce jar too. So in all, we had seven colors. The colors did not show up perfectly on my camera but there was yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, and a pink/orange mixture. Then I added a bag of clear water beads and a bag of clear giant water beads..  I used floracraft brand clear waterbeads from wal mart. The large clear waterbeads were from Michaels.  I put a few of the clear water beads and large  lear water beads into each container of highlighter infused water. Then I let them soak for 2 days. I let the large water beads soak for 4 days.  My twins love watching them grow!  We have been regularly making water beads for play for a few years now! They had a fun time playing with the water beads in black light. They also play with them in the daytime. They use them on the light table as well.  Then after the 4th day, we removed the large water beads from the highlighter infused water for play and we also used the highlighter infused water that was left over after hydrating all of the water beads and large water beads for black light water play!!

Sorry the pics are not showing the true colors of the water beads. They all did come out to be nice and colorful and glow well under black light. Some colors are always more black light reactant than others. The ones that are not captured as well on camera are the ones that are slightly less black light reactant.

Please check out more of our awesome black light and glow in the dark play HERE!

waterbeads finished hydrating and ready for play and black light play!

picture with flash on

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