Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY chopstick wands

These are soooo much fun! Plus they are so cheap and easy to make!!

All you need are:

  • chopsticks
  • mardi gras beads
  • hot glue gun
  • small and medium pom poms
  • medium or large sparkly pom poms
  • colored craft feathers
  • seashells
  • large buttons
If you like these wands, check out my other awesome wands HERE!

Below you will see

We made a few types of chopstick wands, but the BEST ones are these...

Fancy Feather Swing Wands!!

We did one in random fun colors, one in 4th of July theme, and one in Mardi Gras theme!
These wands are so awesome and so fun!! You twist them between your fingers and the dangling beads swing! The kids LOVE them!! You can make them just swing from side to side, or twirl all the way around! These could be done in any colors or theme!

4th of July

Mardi Gras

fun colors!

button wands, pom pom wands, and shell wands

star shaped button wands

sparkly pom pom wands

shell wand on right  See more shell wands HERE

4th of July wand in action

Mardi Gras wand in action

fun colors wand in action

Fancy feather swing wands
Glue 6-8 feathers to the pointed end of the chopstick. Then glue 3-4 small or medium pom poms around the base of the feathers on the chopstick. Then glue short strands of beads cut from Mardi Gras necklaces to the pom poms,

Button chopstick wands
Glue a button to the pointed end of the chopstick, then glue another alike button to the other side,

Pom Pom chopstick wands
Poke a hole into a medium or large sized pom pom with the pointed end of the chopstick and then remove chopstick. Then add hot glue to the pointed end of the chopstick and push into the hole you made in the pom pom.

Shell chopstick wands
To make the shell wands just hot glue one sea shell to the pointed end of the chopstick, then hot glue a small or medium sides pom pom to the chopstick, then hot glue the other sea shell to the pom pom, stick and seashell.

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