Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rainbow snow slime & backyard play

First we grew some water beads, then sorted them on the light table for some Montessori inspired Reggio Style fine motor! Then we made rainbow snow slime!!

We used 6 scoops of insta snow, dunecraft brand water marbles(water beads), a few drops of coconut extract, some water, and a large package of gobbledygoop by dunecraft, then mix!

As you can see we played with it inside, and also outside!!

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Click HERE to see where to buy the ingredients! 

We used an egglands best egg carton (cleaned), 
DuneCraft Water Marbles(water beads) and measuring spoons/cups.

These are the measuring spoons and cups we use. 
You can get the spoons HERE and the cups HERE

Rainbow snow slime!
slime on the light table

rainbow snow slime on the light table

A few pics of playing in our backyard play and learning environment, 
plus we brought the rainbow snow slime to the yard too!!  I put the hose up into the tree to make a fun waterfall while the pool was filling up!!

"making coffee"


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  1. That must have been an interesting combination of textures to play in.


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