Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wacky Links on the Light Table

Wacky Links are super cool, creative, and unique building toys. They come in several different themes such as glow, glow space, original, connectors, rock n' roll, ocean, dinosaur, safari, princess, and winter!

In each pack you will find colorful shapes and colorful tubes. The tubes can be left as-is, or cut down into smaller pieces. The glow and glow space sets are great for glow in the dark and black light play! They are also great on LED color changing light tables! The blue LED hue acts as a black light.

Wacky Links are excellent for fidget play, building play, creative play, light table play, and sensory play!  They are great on the go, in the car, and at home.

My kids totally love wacky links, they enjoy making all sorts of creations, and arranging them on the light table!

Wacky Links would make excellent stocking stuffers, incentive gifts, car toys, travel toys, rewards, and anything else you can think of! I could totally see Wacky Links being the perfect thing to give to children attending a birthday party, in lieu of the traditional goodie bag!

Wacky Links are totally awesome, I highly recommend them for any child!

Be sure and check out the website here!

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