Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beautiful bead blocks, sand blocks, and glitter water blocks

Guidecraft makes such beautiful blocks and window blocks, we have been absolutely loving their rainbow crystal bead blocks, rainbow sand blocks, and rainbow shimmering water blocks!

They are absolutely gorgeous on the light table!

Guidecraft makes extremely high quality window blocks, bead blocks, sand blocks, and water blocks. These blocks are absolutely fantastic. You can see the fine craftsmanship quite easily. The light table really brings them to life! They glow with beautiful vibrant color when on the light table!

They really look amazing in a sunny window too! They are wonderful outdoors on a sunny day as well, we just prefer to keep them indoors so they stay beautiful! I worry that outdoor use will ruin them. I have made some homemade window blocks that we use outdoors. We keep our high quality blocks indoors.

These blocks are excellent for sensory play, light table play, block play, and natural light play. They are beautiful stacked up in any window. They are a perfect addition to your light table toy and manipulative collection. They are great for little hands, and even appeal to children ages 7-10 years old when paired with a light table. I love how the light table can instantly upcycle any toy that is colorful and translucent in some way or another. 

Check out these blocks, and all of the beautiful blocks Guidecraft has to offer on their website here

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