Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gonge Stepping Stones - The Perfect Indoor Gross Motor

Gonge sent us a set of their hill tops, Island, river, and river stones and they are truly magnificent! My twins use them 4 or more times daily. They are perfect for indoor gross motor, They are excellent for my sons CMT,  He needs to stay active and do gross motor as much as he can! Every family should have these!

If you homeschool, have children under age 12, or have children that get into mischief often, these are a perfect helpful solution to their overabundance of energy! They can set them up in endless ways, they never get boring!  You can add to them to make them even more fun too! This is one of those family must-haves like Magna Tiles! A worthwhile investment!

They help so much when the kids have to stay indoors during inclement weather, which we have had a lot of lately.  They are so great for when they really need to be active in between homeschooling subjects.

If another parent asked me what to buy their kids for gross motor, these stepping stones would be my top choice!

They are not super cheap, but not over-priced either.  They are sturdy enough to hold adults, and very well made. They are worth their price for sure!

Check out the A Winther / Gonge website to see all of their products!
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