Sunday, May 14, 2017

Grippies Windows on the Light Table

Grippies Windows are such an awesome STEM toy, and they are PERFECT for the light table! Grippies Windows are an extension to the Grippies toy set. They are excellent for light table play, STEM play, and tactile play!  They are beautiful, fun, durable, and totally perfect for little hands!

Grippies and Grippies Windows are made for babies and toddlers, but they appeal to children of multiple age levels.  Honestly, when they are on the light table they work for any age. My kids love them!

If you pair Grippies and Grippies Windows together, you can make super cool color wands! Grippies Windows are such an excellent extension to any light table toy and accessory collection!

Grippies and Grippies windows are super sturdy, super durable, and super fun to play with! They are magnetic, and the magnets work very well! Kids love magnetic toys, this toy is an excellent extension to your childrens' magnetic toy collection! They are very well made, and very unique!

Check out all of the amazing Grippies STEM toys on the Guidecraft website!

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