Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Monoprice Light Box and Giveaway

The Monoprice company sent us their Ultra-Thin Light Box and it is really nice!
I was actually pleasantly surprised by this light box, well technically it would be considered a light panel. The company calls it a light box though, which is totally fine too. It really is Ultra-Thin, it is lightweight, and is a very nicely well lit LED light panel. The size is 21.3 inch. ("18.8"x"14.2"x"0.3") This light panel is a very close comparison to the Constructive Playthings Ultra Bright LED Light Panel, but at a fraction of the cost.  The Constructive Playthings light panel is actually just a hare smaller, it's size is "18 3/4"x"13 7/8"x"5/8". They retail it at $120. The Monoprice Light Panel is $66 and seriously just as good. We have reviewed both. We have experienced both. The difference is, not many people have heard of Monoprice. I had not until a Mom reached out to me and asked if it was any good. Her Father had found it somehow and purchased one for her son as a gift. She was worried that it was a dud. Her and her son had longed for a light table/box/panel for quite some time. I checked out the website and spoke to the company for her. They sent me this one for review and I was happy to be able to report back to her that it is indeed a good one! Oh and it has some pretty awesome features too! The power button is not even a button, you swipe it. It is like cell phone technology! Oh and it gets better! The power "button" also dims and brightens the light panel too!! Check out the video in the Ultimate Light Table Guide Facebook group! I made it the pinned post in the group. I made one verbal typo in the video though. I used the term color and I meant light. I demonstrate the light panel in the video for you! Check it out HERE!

Ok so what can be better than finding out about this super low price and super awesome light panel?  WINNING ONE!!  I am doing a giveaway.  I just got word from the Monoprice company today that they want me to set up a giveaway with this review and I did! So scroll through my pics of the light table below and go enter for your chance to win! Please be sure to do all of the steps for more chances to win! Every part of the giveaway widget gives you a set amount of points for completing the task. Task as in following me on Pinterest and other stuff like that*. Don't worry, there won't be any difficult tasks.

This is what the light panel looks like, check our photos of playing on the light panel below! Find it HERE on the Monoprice website!  The Monoprice company also sells a new line of STEM and learning products! You can find them HERE.

Win an Ultra-Thin Monoprice Light Box 

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