Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some recent light table play and light play

Here are a few things we have shared on the Ultimate Light Table Guide Facebook group, and Instagram lately.  I have left captions below each photo to say what is in the photo! Be sure to check out and join our Facebook group!

Kodo Light Lab with Lavender scented Epsom salts, some window blocks, and a few salt and pepper shakers from the nearby Spanish party store There are also various pony beads, and other random beads as well for an extra aspect of sensory.

DIY colored rice. We just used Liquid water colors and let the rice dry before playing with it.

Guidecraft PowerClix Solids and  Discount School Supply magnetic tiles in the window sill and Pokemon action figures.

Whitney Brothers Light Table with Diving Gems from the dollar general, 

Jonti Craft multicolor large light table with large playsilks from Lakeshore

Whitney Brothers light table with plastic eggs from Oriental Trading

Monoprice light box (panel) with magnetic tiles by Guidecraft

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