Monday, February 22, 2016


Plasmart sent us one of their awesome PlasmaCars and boy do we LOVE it! This is one of the most awesome outdoor toys my kids have had in a long time. If fun could be weighed, the fun had from riding PlasmaCar would weigh a ton! I am actually shocked at how much they love this thing. I figured they would like it, but they can not get enough of it. In fact, they have requested to play on it more than they want to play on other outdoor ride on stuff like bikes and such. I am impressed that it holds adults too.  I tried it out, it was fun! I had my teens age 19, 17, and 16 try it out too. Everyone thinks it is pretty awesome.

So guess what?

I get to give one away here on my blog!!!!!!!!

First off, check out some of our PlasmaCar pics. Then be sure to come back and visit this blog post daily for more chances to win. The giveaway begins today 2/22/16 and ends on 3/7/16. One winner will be randomly chosen from the entries. The mandatory entries can mostly only be done once, except for 1-2 that involve commenting on Facebook. There are a ton of non-mandatory optional entries that will earn you lots of entries towards winning the PlasmaCar!

Once the winner is randomly chosen, Plasmart will mail out a brand new Plasmacar to the lucky winner! woohoo!  Thank you Plasmart!

 Person with the most entries will get a separate mystery prize from this blog. It will be an equally awesome prize! So if you wan to clarify, this contest will technically have two winners. Want a hint on the prize that I am giving away? It lights up and you put stuff on it. I blog about it a lot too. That should give you a good hint! Now get to those entries! Best of luck to all! 

Our PlasmaCar pics

Plasma Car Giveaway 

Come back daily for more entries! 

The mystery prize winner is  Lisa W.

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