Monday, February 22, 2016

Zike is totally awesome

Zike sent us this awesome green Z100 WingFlyer and we LOVE IT! This thing is totally cool. Zike is like bicycle meets scooter meets elliptical machine. 

What an amazing concept, and it gives you a great workout! This is much more fun than riding a scooter or a bike. They make it in several styles and sizes, which includes for adults! I plan on getting myself one very soon.

Zike makes an excellent OT and PT therapy tool as well.  Zike is a great way to build up better balance and strength. Basically imagine an elliptical machine (without the rapid arm movement) on wheels. This is way better than a bicycle or regular scooter. Riding Zike before doing school work would definitely improve the child's ability to concentrate and absorb what they are learning.

Bike riding and scooter riding are considered vestibular activity, and provide a calming sense over the vestibular system.  Read more about what the vestibular system is and what vestibular activities are HERE on The Motor Story.

Zike is an excellent investment in your child's future! Not only is it great exercise and a great outdoor play activity, it is an excellent therapy tool. Which in turn helps your child to excel in schoolwork and concentrate better! 

So Guess what?!?

I get to give one away here on my blog!!!!!!

First off, check out some of our Zike pics. Then be sure to come back and visit this blog post daily for more chances to win. The giveaway begins today 2/22/16 and ends on 3/7/16. One winner will be randomly chosen from the entries. The mandatory entries can mostly only be done once, except for 1-2 that involve commenting on Facebook. There are a ton of non-mandatory optional entries that will earn you lots of entries towards winning the Zike!

Once the winner is randomly chosen, Zike will mail out a brand new green Zike Z100 WingFlyer just like the one in these photos to the lucky winner! woohoo!  Thank you Zike!

Zike Z100 WingFlyer Giveaway in Green!

Come back daily for more entries! 

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