Sunday, February 14, 2016

Glow Stick Aura

We have been playing with glow sticks a lot lately, every night the twins ask to take a few to bed. They wanted to try seeing what they looked like in water. So I thought of our fish bowls that we used for our ping pong ball carnival game. They worked out pretty nicely!  We used tonic water in our fish bowls, so it would look cool with the black light on. Then we turned off the black light and started playing with the camera!

So, what's with the cool glowing aura?  Nothing but a camera trick, but an awesome and fun one!

 This made me think of the Play at home mom blog. They had a glow stick xylophone post a few years ago. They accidentally had their camera flash on when taking a photo, which resulted in an awesome aura coming from their glow sticks. Their photo was blasted all over the internet, and even tested on man vs pin's youtube channel. Many people changed the description of their photo when they pinned it and made it to say, that when you tap the glass, you get the aura effect. Not true.  They even state on their website that it is a camera trick and not the result of tapping on the glasses to cause the aura.  We tried tapping on the glass, just as part of the experiment.  Nope, just a camera effect!

In order to get this cool effect, be in a dimly lit room in the evening, put your camera in manual mode, mess around with the settings, and put the flash on.  We played around until we got some cool glowing effects.  This was a neat science experiment and lesson in photography. My 7 (almost 8) year old twins loved this and had a blast!

Try it out and be sure to tweet, Facebook, or Instagram your photos so we can see! Tag us and use the hashtag #ULTG too!


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