Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Ultimate Water Play Table

 My twins have always enjoyed water play. Now that we have had our water tables for a few years, some of them are deteriorating.

The water tables we have had for the past few years are Step2 brand water tables. They do hold up nicely, but the one we have had for six years is on it's last legs. It will have to be thrown away this year.
 The other ones we have seem to be not far behind. I would love to have a commercial water play table like the ones used for schools. Discount School Supply has some lovely water tables that look very sturdy. 

However, the price tags on them are pretty high. So we found something in between the Step2 water tables and the Discount School Supply water tables. It's a fishing table! I have also seen it advertised as a potting bench for gardening. Either way, it is a pretty darn fabulous table! It is perfect for water play. The reason it is perfect for water play is because it has table space, a sink, and it hooks up to a hose! The best part of it is that you can conserve water with this water play table! The faucet can turn be turned on or off, there is a drain and plug to stop the water from coming out too! 

There is a tube attached to the drain in the sink that extends pretty far and can be directed to where ever you want.  You could have it fill up a bucket below the table, or even use a nice big under bed storage container to catch the water and re-use for water play or watering your plants.  This table is a bit tall for most children, but you have a few options. You can either put a step stool up to the table, or saw the legs down shorter. There is one more option, you can dig a small hole for each leg of the table and push the table down into the holes, then replace the dirt. That way the table grows with your children, instead of remaining shorter by sawing the legs down to the height you want. 

Anyhow, this table is amazing! My 7 year old twin boys absolutely love it! From time to time, amazon has excellent sales on this table. So if you need to buy more than one. water for the sales! We got a really amazing deal on two!

Check out some of the photos of my twins playing with their ultimate water play tables! I will be adding more photos in future blog posts too!

Find the ultimate water play table HERE

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