Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lakeshore Learning Color Changing Light Table - not worth the price

Unfortunately I have to post my first negative light table review. However Lakeshore Learnings' color changing light table is just not worth the price they are asking for it. They have it priced at a whopping $299. Unfortunately for the same price or very close to it,  you can get a much larger and better quality light table. The reason this light table is not worth the price is mainly due to it's teeny tiny size. 

Lakeshore did not send me their color changing light table, so I went and saw it in the local Lakeshore Learning store. It is the smallest and most compact light table I have ever encountered. I could see charging $99 for this light table, however $299 is way too much to charge for a light table that is that tiny.

I have had many companies send me their light tables, even from other countries. I do give a fair review of each light table. 

You can see links to my other light table reviews on The Ultimate Light Table Guide.

I shop in Lakeshore Learning frequently for homeschool supplies and educational toys.  So when I arrived at the local Lakeshore Learning store, I noticed the light table was on display there. I was immediately taken back by how tiny it is.  I went to the check out counter and asked them about the light table.  I asked if that was their smallest size and what other sizes they have. They said that was the only light table they sell, it was not the smallest size.

So I went back over to the light table and noticed that not only was it small, the quality of the table was not that impressive.  My honest opinion of this light table is that it deserves a 2 star out of 5 stars rating.  Note that my 7 year old twin boys that help me review every light table that gets sent to us we along with me on this shopping trip.  Their first impression was "Why is it so small Mommy?" and "It doesn't look as nice on the top where the light part as the other light tables we have at home". 

Hmm, so there you have it. The Lakeshore Learning Light table needs serious improvement. If a couple of 7 year olds think it is not so impressive, it is not so impressive.  Try again Lakeshore, back to the drawing board!

I love Lakeshore Learning. I love shopping there, and I love most all of the products they carry.  When I found out that they are now making a color changing light table, I was excited to see it.  I was shocked to see it in person, and to be so unimpressed. This is not the type of product that I expect to see from Lakeshore Learning.

Sorry Lakeshore, maybe you can improve the table or lower the price.

Better luck next time.

Find the light table HERE on the Lakeshore Learning website.


  1. Thank you for this review. I've been researching tables all night and was about to get this one. Thank you for saving me the disappointment.

    1. They whitney brothers table goes on sale on amazon a lot and is an excellent table!! Right now it is cheaper than the lakeshore table. I whole heatedly recommend the Whitney brothers light table

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