Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kodo Kids Light Lab - Round Color Changing Light Table

We absolutely LOVE the Kodo Kids Light Lab! This light table is magnificent!
The Kodo Kids Light Lab is a round light table that is removable from it's stand and can be used on the floor too. It is LED and changes colors as well. This light table is the total package! It even comes with a beautiful removable sand tray!

The Kodo Kids Light Lab also comes with a beautiful set of wireless controls with perfect kid size knobs to change the color of the light table! It even has three programmable buttons to remember three of your favorite colors.

This light table is very unique in the fact that it can be both a light table that you stand or sit in a chair at, and a light table you sit on the floor to play with.

Infants and young toddlers can even sit on it to play, when it is on the floor.

The sand tray is a really great aspect of this light table as well. It makes sensory box play very easy!  You can put dried and colored rice or pasta on the sand tray as well as any type of play sand, moon sand, kinetic sand, etc.  

One of my favorite features about the Kodo Kids Light Lab is that the bluest blue color acts as a black light! Check out our amazing pics below!

Find the Kodo Kids light lab HERE

Please be sure to check out our videos and photos below!  

My twins absolutely love the Kodo Kids Light Lab! It is just gorgeous! 

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