Saturday, May 23, 2015

Giant Sensory Bag and Fishing on the Light Table

I found some awesome iridescent cellophane gift wrap on amazon and set up some fun light table activities with it!  Below, you will find photos of a giant sensory bag I made with the cellophane wrap and a fishing activity.

I used a set of fish with magnetic sides from Lakeshore Learning for the fishing. The magnetic fishing rods are from a magnetic sight word fishing set we have from lakeshore Learning, as well. We did this activity with the sight word fish too, I just forgot to take photos. The cellophane wrap acted as the ocean and waves.

I folded a large sheet of the cellophane wrap in half for the giant sensory bag. Then I folded the open sides up 3 times each and ironed them with a towel on top for each of the 3 open ends. Before completely sealing the last open side, I put in a jar of cheap clear hair gel and some foil doo dads from the craft store. I think the foil pieces are generally for scrapbooking and other decorative type crafts. We have a big jar of them, so we use them for sensory bags and bottles sometimes.

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