Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet LUMO, the next toy you want for your kids

How amazing is this?

I am definitely in awe of LUMO.  I for one, can not wait to test it out with my kids. I am working with the company that makes LUMO to get the company off the ground and get LUMO into production for home use. 

They are nearly there. This is happening, and I am excited!

LUMO started off as a commercial use product for Science Centers, Childrens Museums, Large events, and such. However, now they are making it affordable for families. This brings new light to the world of light play.  No pun intended.

LUMO is a way to get our video game, ipad, iphone, tablet loving kids off their butts and moving. It is not the same as your average video game system, like Xbox and Wii. It does not hook up to a t.v.  Your kids can interact with it and each other, playing fun games that get them moving.

This is like the ultimate rainy day toy. Your kids will get all of their wiggles out, instead of complaining, watching t.v., using electronics, and jumping all over your couches. They can even program their own games with LUMO.

It can be used at home with one or more children, at birthday parties, church events, family events, in classrooms, at children's play centers, and pretty much anywhere you can think of.

LUMO could be your ultimate playdate go to toy.
I am helping to promote LUMO, so they can get it into production.

interactive alphabet, the "cards" flip over when you jump on them!

princess games

fishing, too cool!

Like hungry, hungry hippos but with gators.

HOT LAVA!  awesome!!!!

Reserve a LUMO here
 or leave a donation of $1 or more to help LUMO get into production!

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