Sunday, April 5, 2015

37 ways to play with Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is a really fun sensory play material that has been becoming more and more popular in the past 3 years.  My twins have a big Sterlite under bed storage container of it. They love playing with it every day. There are so many ways to play with it and I have compiled an awesome list of items to use with kinetic sand for you to refer back to when your kids are playing with their kinetic sand!!

  1. sand shape molds and sand castle molds
  2. plastic cups, shot glasses, or shooter tubes
  3. Lakeshore pipe builders  
  4. Quercetti Tubation
  5. ice cube trays 
  6. jello molds
  7. plastic parfait cups
  8. stamps (without the ink)
  9. Learning Resources viewthru geometic solids
  10. plastic bowls
  11. plastic butter knives, spoons, forks
  12. scoops,  measuring cups, and measuring spoons
  13. playdough(play-doh) molds, tools and shapes, or cookie cutters
  14. sculpting tools for clay and ceramics
  15. plastic stacking cups (usually in baby toys section at stores)
  16. plastic or wood letters and numbers
  17. Mr. potato head parts
  18. toy cars and trucks
  19. sea shells, pebbles, plastic or glass gems, marbles
  20. pine cones, wood chips, acorns,
  21. small flower pots and garden tools
  22. submersible LED lights
  23. scissors or play-doh scissors
  24. egg cartons (washed and dried)
  25. rulers or a measuring tape
  26. an egg slicer (with supervision)
  27. a bundt cake pan or shaped cake pan
  28. silicone muffin cups, silicone muffin pans
  29. plastic milk caps or juice caps (or soda)
  30. potato masher or meat tenderizer
  31. colanders or sifters
  32. toy animals, dinosaurs, and people
  33. plastic tea set or plastic dishes
  34. tooth picks, craft sticks, cocktail stirrers
  35. a small rolling pin
  36. Magna Tiles or Mag Formers
  37. a light table or light box

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