Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rain and Puddle Play Ideas

rain and puddle play outside

In 2014 it rained a LOT! So we decided to just embrace the rain, throw on some rain coats and rain boots and go play in the rain!

We went to the beach on days it rained on and off.
It made for some really awesome photos.

    We took walks in the rain. 
Some days it was hot and rainy, so no need for raincoats

We had photo shoots on rainy days. I just love the results too!
It rained right before we arrived at the park, but we had a great time
and I took some really cool photos.

Sometimes we just walked through puddles. 
This was a big puddle at the park!

Ready for 25 Rain and Puddle play ideas?

Great ideas for playing in the rain and puddles

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