Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TickIt Light Panels and SiliShapes

We received some awesome items from Commotion Distribution's Tickit line of products.
Tickit is known for their brilliant LED light panels. They have a wide variety of other light table products as well. Currently Tickit only has a few items available for the United States, but in the UK they have much. much more. In the UK they have several sizes of round and rectangular LED light panels and color changing LED light panels. So, if you want to see their amazing products be carried in the US, contact Lakeshore Learning and Constructive Playthings to request them to carry these items.  If Lakeshore Learning and Constructive Playthings know that there is a market for these items here in the US, they will order them from Commotion Distribution. They already carry a few of their products, however what they carry is not all that is available.

Check out these amazing perception spheres and semispheres, only available in the UK
I love these, and I know my twins would have so much fun with them on the light table.
I really hope that Lakeshore Learning and Constructive Playthings start carrying these!

So, now that you know a lot more about what is available from Commotion Distribution's Tickit brand, check out our experience with their products!

We really love tickit brand light panels and toys. I really hope that our US stores start carrying more of their products! You can help by calling their corporate office and requesting that they carry these items.

You can contact Lakeshore Learning HERE and Constructive Playthings HERE

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