Sunday, January 11, 2015

My first experience with an essential oils aromatherapy diffuser

I had never tried essential oils before, and I am really liking them!  I ordered a VERY reasonably priced set from a company with great reviews and started using them with this ZAQ Galaxy aromatherapy diffuser. You can find the essential oils I used HERE. I received the ZAQ Galaxy directly from the company who makes them. YOu can find the ZAQ Galaxy and all of their other wonderful diffusers HERE. The essential oils set I purchased had an array of scents, I think there were 16 different scents. They also give you a guide to tell you how to make blends. Certain blends are blends recommended for relaxation, focus and attention, energy, and about everything you can think of. 

 I love blending cinnamon bark with sweet orange, peppermint with spearmint, tea tree with eucalyptus, and I like each set alone as well.  

This was a very new experience for me. I have heard about essential oils for a long time, but I don't buy all of the mumbo jumbo about all those companies that charge top dollar for their essential oils. They are all pyramid scheme companies and they have to pay a lot of people in the pyramid, so it is no wonder that their essentials oils cost triple what the brands I linked in this post cost. You see, the big secret that Young Living, DoTerra, and the other popular pyramid scheme companies do not tell you is that they actually buy the exact same therapeutic grade pure essential oils of the highest quality from the same company that the smaller companies like Edens Garden. The big difference is that Young Living and DoTerra jack up the price super high to pay for their office buildings, and pay everyone in the pyramid, as well as paying for lavish cruises and vacations for their top sellers. So, basically you are falling for the pyramid scheme and paying for someone's $3000 dollar Italian suit or $500 Prada pumps, or for someone to go on a fabulous cruise or vacation.

I refuse to do that, so I am sticking to the smaller companies that are not pyramid scheme. I am very happy with the 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils I purchased.

So, back to the ZAQ Galaxy, I LOVE IT!!!  

I highly recommend ZAQ diffusers!

They are well made, attractive, have multiple LED colors that are a nice soft color, and they work very well! I plan to purchase at least one more. I really love so many of their models, it is hard to choose another. I would probably choose the Lotus though, it is my favorite next to the Galaxy!

Thanks so much to the people at ZAQ for not only letting me choose which model I wanted, but sending it to me to review. It has been really great to experience essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser. The whole family is impressed! We all love trying different blends!

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