Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ready, Set, Play Light Tables #lighttable #lightplay #ULTG

light tables on etsy
We received an awesome light table from Ready, Set, Play LLC on Etsy, and we love it!  They have two different sizes of light tables, we received their large white table. When the table arrived, there were simple instructions to add the legs and bottom shelf, it was super easy and did not take long at all.

We love the size of this table, it is great for building and designing on a larger scale. Whether you have one or more children, this light table is a great investment. Having an open storage shelf under the light table is a great feature too!  My twins use that space to put the items they are going to build and design with. That way when they are ready to add another piece, they just reach down and grab it! I highly recommend this light table!

This light table is perfect for building with magna tiles! It provides lots of room for creativity.   This table is totally awesome when doing any sort of math, science, or literacy lessons. There is enough room to lay out everything. That is a huge bonus, there is such limited space to lay out plates/bowls for counting on smaller light tables. This one is the perfect size!

  Ready, Set, Play is offering a discount code for my readers!

ULTG10 for $10 off a large light table
ULTG5 for $5 off of a small light table

Those codes are good from now until Mat 31st 2015!

Here are a few photos of my twins using the Ready, Set, Play light table!

light table from etsy

awesome light table

blocks on a light table

awesome light table toys

rainbow window blocks on a light table

light table

rainbow window blocks

light table toys and ideas

 Find Ready, Set, Play!!

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