Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tactile Discs and Musical Fun

Now this is fun sensory play!!

My twns and their friend had a LOT of fun with these awesome Tactile Discs by Gonge, from American Educational Products! We came up with a lot of fun games and fun sensory ideas. 

These Tactile Discs come with a mini version of each one. The mini version represents the tactile raised pattern on each disc. The are pleasant to walk on and a great sensory tool. I highly recommend these for any child, especially a child with sensory processing disorder, or a child on the Autism spectrum.

One of the children in these photos has Autism. She is 5 years old.
My Twin boys are 6 years old.

One of the main purposes of the Tactile Discs is to put on the adjustable cloth blond fold that comes with the set, hand a child one of the mini discs and have them try and identify which one it matches with my touch. They can sit and feel around with their hands, or walk on the discs.

My twins enjoyed just walking on them, whether they are in a circle, or placed in a straight line, or even a zig-zagged line. They also enjoyed using them with other sensory toys they have that you can walk on. We have stepping domes, Bilibo's, alphabet mats, and shape mats.  It is also fun to line them up and lightly toss the mini discs onto the matching Tactile Disc!

They can be used by themselves or with other tactile and sensory toys, tools, equipment, etc.  I highly recommend these for indoor or outdoor play. They are excellent for rainy days or snow days. What an awesome addition they would be to any home, school, or pediatric therapy facility.

One fun game we came up with was a musical game!

I placed the Tactile Discs and the mini discs in a big circle.
Then I had each child pick up one of the mini discs.
Then I turned on some fun, upbeat music.
Then I had the kids start walking on the Tactile Discs in a circle.
When the music stops, they have to stop where they are.
If the mini disc they are holding matches the Tactile Disc they landed on, they get a point! Then I start the music back up, and they continue!

They had a blast!!

Here is what the Tactile Disc Set looks like!

You can buy them HERE


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