Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Zometool is amazing

We LOVE Zometool!

If you are looking for a smart toy for your awesome kids, Zometool is a great choice! Zometool can be used for Play, Art, Science, and it is very Educational!

Zometool has many building kits for different ages and building experience levels.  Some of the structures are challenging!  Zometool is intriguing even to adults. You can build one of the many structures in the booklet that comes with your Zometool kit, or come up with your own structures.

This toy will get you thinking, it is relaxing, challenging, and very engaging.

This toy will WOW your children, parents will want to build with Zometool as well, this toy is just THAT interesting.

Think Lego meets Einstein

Did I mention challenging? Well each one of the rods have different shaped ends and those little white balls have different shapes all through them.  You must mad the shape at the end of the rods into the correct shape in the white balls.

This is something that will get those gears turning in your childrens' minds.

This is something you want them playing with after school, on the weekends, on school vacations, during summer break, spring break, winter break, fall break.

Zometool is AMAZING!

The most exciting thing about Zometool is that you can do really amazing things with it when you have bubble solution! You can trap really awesome bubble shapes inside of them and even move the bubbles around within the Zometool structure you have build.

Check out the video on this page HERE at the Zometool website

We did not have a large enough container and enough bubble solution, or the most optimal weather but we plan to try the Zometool with bubbles very soon!! 

Here are some of the awesome structures we built with Zometool
Zometool is great for Light Table Play too!


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