Friday, November 28, 2014

Glowing ART Prints

My twins had such a blast with this activity!  

We used:

neon tempera paint, 
and printer paper

With the Educational Light Cube remote control, we turned the light cube to on one of it's blue hues.  We switched around between blues and purples. We also turned on a few black lights. I put one of the Educational Light Cube trays from the accessory pack on to the light cube, then squirted some neon tempera paint right on to the tray. After that, I gave my twin boys paint scrapers and let them make designs, then they pressed printer paper on to the paint, gently pushed down and gently lifted the paper. They ended up with very pretty Art prints!

We did this before bed, there was very little clean up.

This can be done in daylight with regular colored tempera paint too!

See some of the fun Art prints below! 

great black lights here...

Find Roylco online!

The Ultimate Light Table Guide

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