Tuesday, March 25, 2014

29 items to get the fidgets out!

I have a 15 year old with ASD/ADHD/SLD, who goes to an Autism school and is doing very well and catching up on school after a long drawn out battle with trying to make it in public school. I also have a 14 year old and a kindergartner with Aspergers, and a kindergartener with ADHD and other learning issues due to brain bleeds at birth and a grand mal seizure.  I have three teens and twin kindergarteners! I homeschool my kindergarteners and it has been going really well so far!

With much research, trying many things, talking to teachers and therapists at Autism schools and therapy facilities, I have found the best products to help your fidgety child concentrate!! 

I recommend starting with the headphones and yoga ball if you are on a budget!!

 I added all of the items, which are not all pictured here, to my amazon store.

Check out each product HERE!!

a must have!!

excellent product I just found!

a big must for getting the wiggles out!

best adjustable height table ever!!!

love these chairs

 vibrating weighted turtle!


these are amazing!!

totally worth the money!

great option for Autism, adjusts!

well loved item!!

MEGA MUST HAVE! (strengthens hands and fingers)

for under table or out in open space

great item!

great for on a chair!

 See these items and all of the rest of the products on the list  HERE

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  1. Hi! I was just looking through your post and i love it! I was wondering if you could please tell me how you use each item and where you purchased them.. I am very interested in hearing how you use these. Also, how was your son diagnosed with Aspergers, what kind of testing was done.. My son was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety.. but i sometimes feel like he may also have Aspergers,... how do i go about that? I hope you don't mind me asking you all these questions.


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