Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Black light water beads

water beads in the black light

Here is a recent black light play time!  I used discount school supply florescent activity paint and FloraCraft clear water beads to make black light water beads. To grow the black light water beads start by putting a few spoonfuls of dry water beads into some bowls or containers that they can grow in overnight. Then add warm or hot water and some of the fluorescent activity paint then let them grow overnight! Warm or hot water helps them to grow faster and better! Be sure and give them a little stir so the paint mixes up well in the water!  If you feel they need to be brighter, add some more paint.

Usually one or both of my twins help out to grow them. They enjoy growing water beads!!

This is an activity we have done many times over the past few years and love it each and every time!! 

The bowls that I made the water beads in looked really cool in the black light with the leftover paint still inside! They decided to incorporate their Scooby Doo figurines into the fun! The magnifying glass was really fun with this set up!! 

I just put all of the water beads into a big Sterlite clear container and turned on the black lights!!  They also used interlox, plastic bracelets, crystal climbers, cocktail stirrers, and shooter tubes. A smurf or two made an appearance as well.  haha

fluorescent tempera paint

water beads and black light

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