Monday, April 29, 2013

New Choo Choo Wagon Shade!

Scroll down for PIRATE SHIP!!

Yes! We are still using our Step2 choo choo wagon 3 years later! They are 5 but they still fit in it really well, and are not too heavy to pull in it. Plus it gives me extra exercise when we walk, and I still need to take off some weight. We used the Radio Flyer clamp on umbrella shades for years but they faded, rusted, and fell apart. It was time to replace the shades, so I looked around on amazon,.com and really liked the ideas of these shades, seen below in the pictures.

These shades are working out really well, we went on a wagon walk today and they are perfect!! I like them even more than the umbrella shades because they cover more. I do really like the umbrella shades too though, they are great!

Parker is really small for a 5 year old and gets tired really easily walking, Graham has issues walking far as well, because he has a hereditary disease called CMT (charcot marie tooth). So we really need the choo choo wagon still, even though they are 5 now.

If you are wondering why we have two extra carts on it, there is a simple answer fo that! When you are out and about, you need somewhere to put your stuff, bags, lunch bags, diaper bags, toys, snacks, drinks, purse, etc.  If you have kids over for playdates, someone always wants to go on a choo choo wagon ride, we needed the extra two carts for both of these reasons. In face we had many choo choo wagon ride playdates, two seats for two playdate kids and everyone else could bring their own wagon. It was great for all the Moms to get exercise and chit chat, plus the kids were contained, content, and had a great time! Having the two extra carts was very necessary for us, but isn't always for everyone.

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We love our choo choo wagon, it has been so great for the park, zoo, science center, theme parks, on walks, for playdates, trick or treating, etc.  We even dressed it up as a pirate ship for Halloween 2011!! It was a hit, we had so many awesome compliments on it!!!

  • The flags were poster boards that we painted and attached to a dowel rod
  • The mast was old curtain rods, a sheet, ropes, and some netting from an old crib tent
  • The sides of the ship was cardboard box, cut to fit and then duct taped on and we drew on it to make it look more wood ship like. 
  • The cannons on the sides were rolled and taped black cardstock paper.
  • It was a HUGGGGGGE hit in the neighborhood. We had dozens of compliments, everyone was very impressed! 

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  1. So cute! I've never seen these before and when I first looked at the picture, I thought you just tied regular wagons together! :-) Super fun!!


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