Monday, April 29, 2013

Camping Sleepover

*Normally my blog posts are about my 5 year old twins but on occasion I post about my older kids.*

My 13 year old wanted to have some friends over for a sleepover and wanted to come up with a theme, so we came up with the idea of camping in a tent on the trampoline!! It was a lot of fun for the girls and turned out great!!  We bought a $30 two person tent from Wal-Mart, which perfectly fit three girls with some room! They roasted giant marshmallows on bamboo skewers on the grill! I lit our propane grill and moved one grate over so they could roast their giant marshmallow on an open flame! They LOVED it!! They had waters, fresca, and other various snacks, I popped up a big bowl of popcorn in our air popper, they did a few crafts, and even watched a movie on my daughter's kindle. They had a walkie-talkie to contact me with all night and the trampoline provided an excellent place to put the tent! Much nicer than the bumpy ground!  I provided them with colored LED finger lights, LED mini reading lights, and LED tealights. They were even able to nest the LED tealight's in the roof of the tent, so they had ample lighting!  My daughter and her friends are all girly girls, so this provided a camping experience that was just their style!!

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