Saturday, November 13, 2010

choo choo wagon update with shade!!

We have SHADE!!! I promised an update on the choo choo wagon from


We love it!! The choo choo wagon is a big hit and wonderful investment, every set of multiples should have one! We have a 4 cart choo choo wagon so when we go out we can either have 1 or 2 toddler friends ride along or store the items we take with us in the extra cars. The shade is so great and so worth buying! We found out about the shade first from our friends at the Cox Quads blog. Big thanks!!

The shade is made by radio flyer but is a perfect fir on the choo choo wagon. It is a red umbrella that clamps on and can be purchased here on This shade can be placed on any of the sides on the choo choo wagon carts. Right now we only have 3 shades but will be getting a 4th one soon.

The choo choo wagon is so great. It can be used at the mall, at the park, around the neighborhood, at the zoo, at the pumpkin patch, at a theme park, to go trick or treating, at an animal petting zoo/farm, at an aquarium, in a parade, in the winter, summer, spring, and fall, or anywhere you can think of, and I guess technically even in a grocery store if you are not getting too much and are shopping during a time of day that there are not many other shoppers in there. I used mine with 3 carts at the science center and even fit it into the elevator. I would suggest a weekday morning during the school year when not too many people are visiting the science center.

My twins ask for a choo choo ride every day! They enjoy it so much. In fact when we have friends over for playdates, we start our playdates off with a choo choo ride around the neighborhood. They enjoy it so much!!

Here is the choo choo on Halloween.....

On a playdate in our neighborhood..............

and even on a cold day, just add blanket for keeping warm!!

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