Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wood is Good (Part 1)

I purchased two wood boards from Lowes and spray painted them. Graham and Parker are using them for a ball ramp and also for a car ramp, for their animal toys, their action figure type toys etc. I added speed bumps on one side of each board too. I will have to add some pictures of that later. I did not take any pictures of the speed humps yet. I was picture slacking. It's been a busy month.  Summer is tough. Oh and also in this blog posy, a photo of this amazing lamp I found for the indoor play area. It fits in so perfectly, like it was made for our indoor play area! I love how the colors are translucent on the little shades!

Balls going down the ramps

This is THE BEST way to use the ramps with balls. it is so neat to see them  roll down one and up the other!

carrot men and hedgehogs from IKEA in the barbie car  haha

love his expression after the car load of carrots and hedgehogs go down the ramp!

oops one fell out on the second time down  haha!

soapy pool fun!

so much foamy bubbly soapy fun!

The rope light wasn't making enough light, found this awesome light at IKEA!

The light can adjust to send all of the light downward to light up the magnet board perfectly!!

Some kindle time in the waldorf playstand

Parker is playing with the magnets

LED magnets are perfect for lighting up these plastic translucent shapes!  (some of the DIY magnets I made)

tubation building pieces made into a vacuum hahaha

we made the singing marble tree into a lighted tree!! Using plastic eggs and LED finger lights  

the new light!!


sorting plastic diamond like gems  smallest to largest

Monkey the cat keeping Haley's guitar tablature warm  haha

Monkey posing

oops I didnt wipe down the side I was taking a pic through well enough

Parker painting his own face

condiment squirt bottles for paint! We have spray bottles for the liquid water colors and no spill paint cups for the tempera paint but we had a few extra colors and no paint cups for them. Hence the condiment bottles

Parker wanted to be covered in sand  haha


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